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Free My People

Free My People Organization

The Free My People Organization is dedicated to Black community members throughout the United States who engage in nationwide activism against police brutality and racial injustice. This extensive initiative is sustained through a combination of social media outreach and grassroots community involvement.

We aim to provide our community with actionable plans that enable them to take a stand against unfair racial bias within their neighborhoods.

Free My People Investigates

Free My People Investigates is a Pro-Black social media platform with a keen focus on racial justice. Across all our platforms, we offer free media coverage to educate our community about impactful methods to engage in advocacy.

Free My People Grassroots

The Free My People Grassroots serves as our crisis response division, addressing incidents of police brutality against the Black community. We coordinate protests, rallies, and marches alongside affected families and community leaders.

Our Values

  • Protect and provide aid to our community
  • Trust and loyalty to our cause
  • Risk Taking - Step up when others won’t
  • Mentorship - Community guidance
  • Consistency - Maintaining power of the line
  • Action - To fight for the cause
  • Community - Giving a social media and grassroots platform to our community
  • Education- Provide educational social justice and racial justice resources to enhance the minds of the masses.

Meet The Founder

E'Layjiah Wooley, a 22-year-old activist and Oakland, California native, initiated her community involvement at the age of 10 as a Girl Scout at Defermery Park in West Oakland.

Her passion for assisting those in need within her community has always been a driving force. She rooted herself in activism by actively participating in community events, which included distributing food monthly, organizing back-to-school drives, and conducting annual holiday gift drives.

Supported by her parents, who encouraged her to provide meals to the homeless during the holiday season, E'Layjiah's journey into social justice activism officially commenced at 15 years old. One pivotal day, two leaders of the Black Student Union were captivated by her groundbreaking spoken word performance addressing police brutality in the Black community. The rest, as they say, is HER-story (history)

Our Vision: Our vision is to bridge the divide within the black community, creating a nationwide network led by passionate youth who stand together to demand justice for our black homes. By promoting unity and cohesion, we aim to create a powerful force that reshapes the discourse around racial equality and brings about transformative change.

Our Mission: At the core of our mission lies the determination to radicalize, mobilize, and empower our ghettos, hoods, and people, instilling the conviction to hold those perpetuating racial and class bias accountable for every loss of black life. We are dedicated to eradicating the systemic inequalities and injustices that have plagued our society for far too long, working tirelessly to build a future where every black life is valued and protected. Together, as a youth-led organization, we stand against oppression and fight for justice.

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